SmartLab release update 2.8.7

SmartLab 2.8.7 features new gamification triggers for users to earn even more engagement points towards community specific leaderboards. New settings for administrators improve visibility and user engagement in the resources. SmartLab’s new language framework allows for multiple interface translations and tone of voice customisations. The new adaptive learning mode for creating personalised self- and peer-learning […]

How to read the dominant mindset of your organisation – and how to shift it

Every organisation has a dominant mindset, whether it has been consciously created or not. This mindset impacts every aspect of it and can be the difference between success or failure, both of the organisation and of the individuals within it. A dominant mindset can typically be defined as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that […]

Why is decision making more complicated than it should be?

Decision making can be expressed simply as the effective processing of information to adesired outcome. Decision making is complicated by three factors: 1. The level and quality of information available 2. The number of potential options 3. The number of stakeholders who will influence, be involved in or be affected by the outcome Quality of […]

How to ensure digital transformation success

SmartLab is Ludic’s state of the art experience management platform, providing the tools for your organisation’s digital transformation. SmartLab is a proven, cost effective platform for global implementation that allows your online distributed workforce to connect, learn, engage, collaboratively make decisions, create solutions, bring new ideas to life and accelerate delivery. It is a complete toolkit […]

How to make a successful shift to digital on a global scale

6 reasons why SmartLab is the right digital tool for your organisation, to supercharge your programmes and enable your people and business to successfully transform.   SmartLab is an award-winning digital hub for people and business transformation. It is a powerful digital platform that is reinventing consulting and the way change is designed and implemented, enabling […]

The future of learning

The nature of work and the workforce is changing. Organisations are now faced with continuous disruption – social, political, regulatory, technological and economic. In the face of these pressures, continuous learning is key for an adaptive, competitive workforce with strategically relevant skills. Yet there is constant pressure on quality, cost and compliance. Getting what you […]

How gaming can level up learning and engagement in your organisation

Cambridge University’s recent appointment of a Professor of Play was not only a gift to the nation’s headline writers, it also put a smile on the faces of us here at Ludic. As staunch advocates of bringing play into the workplace, we have found that the gamification of learning materials can be an incredibly powerful […]

Virtual Coaching: Pride and Prejudice

Until recently, the common belief was that business is best done in person: that’s meetings, training, conferences, networking, events, sales and more. And especially executive coaching. Everyone knows that. That’s why so many Coaching and training companies still have faith in the continuation of live interaction: you can’t beat face-to-face. Apart from it’s not necessarily […]

Micro Learning – Change the way your employees engage with training and development

Micro learning done properly can not only improve how much knowledge is retained but also change the way your employees approach training and development altogether. According to the Training Industry Report 2016, employees had to spend on average over 50 hours per year on training, 10 more than the year before. US businesses alone spent more […]

The 12 design principles for next generation learning

Deliver personalised learning experiences at scale, with transformative results. The concept of next generation learning has captured the attention of both the Board and learning professionals. When executed well, it can enable organisations to build vital transformative skills, mindsets and behaviours, faster and more cost effectively than ever before. By using digital resources to optimise […]