Supplier Ecosystem Dashboard

The Challenge

As part of a strategic global learning supplier strategy review, this leading global bank needed a digital solution to manage their complex ecosystem of learning suppliers to streamline the global procurement process for learning within the bank. 

The Solution

Ludic worked with the bank to design, create and implement a single online Learning Supplier Portal, powered by SmartDashboards technology. This platform enabled the entire global supplier network on the approved framework to exist as an internal “marketplace”.

Key benefits of this solution included:

  • All offering and profile updates and accountability was pushed onto the suppliers themselves as they were responsible for “marketing” their page. 
  • All financial information, past performance reviews and offerings were made available to users at a glance.
  • Users could run “RFPs” through the tool and have suppliers respond to requests, which streamlined the process and reduced administrative workload.
  • All supplier information was centrally controlled with a clear auditable governance model by the learning supplier management team.
  • The bank was able to create a consistent and consolidated view of all suppliers on the framework to ensure compliance and efficacy of solutions.

The solution was delivered within a 6 week timeframe and has dramatically changed how learning is sourced within the bank.


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