Reinventing Change Consulting

The Challenge

A leading change management consultancy wanted to align its global leadership team to achieve exponential growth by harnessing the opportunities presented by big data, digital and analytics. They needed to bring together the top 150 leaders across globe, agree their "big bets" and define a plan to roll out the the strategy. 

The Solution

The client commissioned a SmartEvent, facilitated by the Ludic Group to support the event design, delivery and post event documentation.

Event design included research into Change management and Digital trends, activity and assignment scripting, visual design services, event logistics and configuration of the SmartEvent environment.

Event delivery included a full team that coordinated every aspect of event delivery. This included event facilitation to guide the discussion, process facilitation to event flow (e.g. digital breakouts) and documentation in the form of visual scribing and reportage. 

Post event documentation was a detailed output document with the key event decisions along with the data from the SmartLab environment. 

The client was able to collaboratively "reinvent" their change management practice into a data driven organisation and rolled out the key elements agreed in the SmartEvent.

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