Smart Events

How do you create an immersive event experience - entirely online?

SmartLab enables powerful facilitated events to take place online. Blending seamlessly with your preferred videoconferencing technology, SmartLab brings together a structured process, expert facilitation and state-of-the-art collaboration tools to advance your work, wherever in the world your participants may be. 

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Accelerated Strategic Decision Making

SmartEvents deliver all of the elements of a powerful face to face DesignEvent within an innovative online format. Designed to take large groups through an agile design process, SmartEvents are ideal for aligning your key stakeholders and shaping your organisational future. 


Knowledge Rich

Access to all resources and media needed to advance the work

Expert facilitation

Content and process facilitation combining plenary and breakout work


State-of-the-art collaboration and decision making tools

Efficient working

Real time (synchronous) and self managed (asynchronous) working

Event Preparation

End to end event design and delivery services


Real time event documentation through DecisionApps


Flexible delivery and management of event logistics including invites and environment

Content Libraries

Expert content materials to support any event topic

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