Introducing SmartLab

The award-winning transformation hub that enables organisations and people to evolve digitally.

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Introducing  SmartLab


Our approach

A fundamentally different approach to consulting and transformation taking full advantage of digital

1. Your own digital hub.

2. Process and content libraries built in.

3. Access to global network of experts as required.

How does

SmartLab work?

SmartLab contains all the elements needed to design, collaborate, engage and provide learning for large scale global programmes.

  • Global programme delivery
  • Digital space for collaboration
  • Best practice learning enviroment
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Secure platform
  • Access to content experts
  • End to end organisational change design and implementation

How does Smartlab supercharge

Global Programme Delivery

Engages people globally

Scale up your programme by bringing all the elements together together into a single platform.

Adaptive to time zones

Automatically updates all elements of the system to the users timezone.

Programme management tools

Tools to manage a global programme with a lean team.

Multi lingual

Supports multiple languages for a truly global experience.

Calendar integration

Automatically syncs with your calendar.

Flexible Teams

Dynamically create and manage project teams

Analytics dashboard

Configure your access to real time participation, engagement and knowledge transfer data.

Booking system

Intuitive and visual booking system makes scheduling and logistics simple.

How does Smartlab provide

personalised learning

Enables Flexible team structures

Supports groups of all sizes into cohorts and teams.

Learning content builder

Customisable modules and learning course design facilities.

Learning modules

Interactive, individual and peer group exercises to self-organise and complete.

Discussion forums

Online discussions to further explore the content and share knowledge.

How does Smartlab enable

digital collaboration


Competitions and leaderboard to reward participant engagement.

Multimedia resources

From films to games. SmartLab supports a range of multimedia.

Suite of Decision apps

Decision Apps bring users together to ideate, create and plan at every stage of a decision making process.

Expert community

Access to experts, business coaches and accredited practitioners.




Enterprise class security and encryption.

Fully customisable

Tailor the look and feel with your brand.

Mobile optimised

On-the go programme management from your laptop, mobile or tablet device.

Proven results

An efficient, data rich way of delivering programmes.

100% Results 0 airmiles

Build global teams and empower your workforce without costly flights and limitations.

Best practice consulting

Best practice consulting methods with award winning technology.

24/7 customer support

Resposive support of tools and desion apps used.


Seamlessly connect with your enterprise LMS system and collaboration tools

SmartLab is trusted by

world class organisations

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