Collaborate and make decisions across time and distance.

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SmartLab integrates new ways of working, agile and design thinking together with powerful tools and methods for collaboration across time and distance. Its potential for our teams is endless.

“Great platform for sharing ideas. It also encourages constructive discussions with your team mates.”

Use SmartLab for

  • Solution Design
  • Applied Innovation
  • Future Operating Model Design
  • Technology Implementation
  • Shared Service Centre Implementation
  • Finance Innovation
  • Digital Pharma

How SmartLab

enables your global teams to collaborate and make creative decisions

Engages people globally

Scale up your programme by bringing all the elements together together into a single platform.

Enables Flexible team structures

Supports groups of all sizes into cohorts and teams.

Multi lingual

Supports multiple languages for a truly global experience.

Discussion forums

Online discussions to further explore the content and share knowledge.

Adaptive to time zones

Automatically updates all elements of the system to the users timezone.

Community Engagement

Animation, nudging, gamification, amplifying pockets of excellence.

Group Exercises

Structured exercises that both share information and enable feedback and group problem solving.

Learning Format

Self, team and group learning activities – supported by experts.

A SmartLab Programme for Collaboration

Future Operating Model Design

1. Brainstorming

Teams generate ideas together and share their perspectives on key requirements.

2. Future State Visioning

They map the key aspects of the future state into visual representations.

3. Rapid Prototyping

Ideas are developed and turned into working prototypes.

4. Iteration Cycles

Ideas are then iterated and refined with the group.


Align, define and build the new strategic direction with input from the global team.


The Future State Modelling SmartLab Solution brings teams together to ideate and design new solutions for their programme. This takes a Design Thinking approach to generate new ideas, which are iterated and mapped within the context of the existing state ready for implementation.


Documentation of the key ideas and challenges for the Future State in addition to implementation documentation.

Typical SmartLab delivery: 1-3 Weeks

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