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How do you create a bespoke blended learning journey for thousands of simultaneous learners, globally?

Use SmartLab for

  • Leadership Development
  • Business Partnering
  • Lean
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Sales Training

“Simply the best training and devleopment programme i’ve been involved with across 20+ years global expeience, and mutiple Fortune 100 companies.”

Explore how

SmartLab supports a state-of-the-art learning experience

SmartLab for Learning combines the elements of best practice adult learning into a single, intuitive environment and delivery methodology.

Learning Experience Platform

A single platform enabling multiple learning methods.

Individual Learning Journey

Personalised and flexible to fit each learner‘s schedule and experience level.


Multiple time-zones Global scale.

Community Engagement

Animation, nudging, gamification, amplifying pockets of excellence.

Structured Journey

A structured multi month learning journey.

Learning Format

Self, team and group learning activities – supported by experts.

Practical Application

Personal business challenges and line manager involvement.

Data driven

Real-time feedback and assessment.

Expert Faculty

World class network of personal development Faculty.

Leading Content

Access to wealth of interactive learning libraries.

Programme Management Tools

Automated tools to enable small teams to deliver global programmes.

Enterprise Level

A clear governance and delivery framework for learning.

A SmartLab Programme for Learning

Getting the leading edge


Deliver a globally consistent learning experience for the Field Medical Services community of a global Pharmaceutical.


State of the art digital learning programme. This included creating and implementing a predominantly digitally based programme that incorporated interactive learning modules, training, self reflective work and case studies. It also included virtual workshops, mentoring and face-to-face events.

Programme short listed for internal learning innovation award.

A SmartLab Learning programme

Business Partnering

  • 6 months
  • 600 associates
  • 0 hotel
  • 0 airmiles

13,200 learning modules completed

3,800 shared resources, discussions & comments

2,400 hours of individual coaching

600 business challenges solved

780 learning team sessions

200 virtual classrooms

98% completion

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