SnapShot is an interactive online workshop series that brings large populations together from different locations to collaboratively develop new strategies, processes, values and behaviours. Delivering unprecedented alignment and engagement in a digital setting, SnapShot achieves amazing results.

Engage your global audience


How it works

Snapshot combines all the power of the SmartLab platform with a bespoke online workshop design that is rolled out as part of a large scale people alignment and engagement programme designed to reach thousands. 


The group goes through a structured series of exercises that allow them to input ideas and solve challenges in new ways


Facilitators guide participants through the session


The group uses live chat to enable direct dialogue between participants and true collaboration


Interactive content engages and captures data


Live Chat

Participants interact with each other in multiple simultaneous conversations with an event transcript for analysis.

Facilitated Experience

A friendly facilitation team guide the process and ensure a personal experience is achieved to promote large scale engagement.

Tailored Workshop Structure

Each SnapShot workshop is designed to your specifications to bring Design Thinking methodologies into the virtual workshop setting.

On Demand Sessions

Participants choose from a number of online sessions available in the SmartLab calendar based on their timezone and preferences.

Multi Media

SnapShot workshops support a range of media formats to excite and engage the group throughout the sessions.

Data Driven Insights

The sessions create a wealth of data, which can be analysed and visualised to derive powerful organisational insights. 

Event Interface

SnapShot combines a structured, scalable process with engaging exercises and content delivered through a state of the art interface.

Sequenced Exercises

Structured exercises that both show media information and allow the group to input ideas and solve challenges in new ways.

Challenges addressed


Organisational values & behaviours 

Connecting with a global strategy

Culture shifts and ways of working

Employee satisfaction polling

New systems implementation

Capability building assessment

Enterprise missions

Scalable Engagement 

SnapShot makes it much easier for my team to share ideas and
get the development they need. As it’s managed centrally, I know that
the information is consistent and I can easily track progress.

It’s engaging – people actually enjoy using it!
— Programme Manager

Recent case studies  

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