The Challenge

Define, roll-out and make meaningful new global Values and Behaviours across all company divisions within 6 months, engaging thousands of employees across the globe for a leading pharmaceutical company. 

The Solution

Snapshot was used as an integral part of defining the values that most resonated with the global population. The global engagement series generated a huge amount of data, which was used for the definition and subsequent roll out of the values. The overall solution was delivered in a series of stages.  

  1. Create a facilitated Snapshot series that engaged >5000 people globally to define Values and Behaviours.
  2. Align with Leadership / Exec design events for top down values development.
  3. Develop an integrated values campaign that focused on implementation of values.
  4. Values App game for mobile devices for implementation.
  5. Video animation series for communication.
  6. Manager capability building in how to embed values into annual performance reviews.
  7. Values best practice expert series and activities to bring the values into daily work.

People involved

>5000 people globally participated. 

Proven Results

90% people engagement of target audience

%60 cost savings versus traditional face to face workshop approach 

End to end delivery in 6 weeks versus 4 month estimate for traditional face to face approach. 


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