Explore how global organisations use the power of SmartLab to transform.

Smart Solutions

SmartLab is designed to deliver strategic decision-making, engagement and learning programmes at scale.

We have specific solution expertise in the following programme areas.

Case Studies

SmartLab for Learning

Entreprise-wide digital awareness

For an audience of 120,000, SmartLab helped create an enterprise-wide understanding about what digital means and how it’s being leveraged to drive the organisation forward.

Implementing lean services

For a multinational IT services organisation, SmartLab supported designing and deploying the lean services methodology within a digital innovation framework for key account and business teams.

Global business partnering programme

SmartLab supported building the capability of a global shared service centre through business partnering skills.

SmartLab for Transformation

SnapShot: People engagement

Using SmartLab’s SnapShot application, global leaders of a multi-national beverages company came together to design the strategy that creates their finance function of the future.

Business Partner Challenge Cup

The Business Partner Challenge Cup used SmartLab to create a scalable, immersive and tailored digital learning programme.

Online strategy game

SmartLab was used to create an immersive game to build understanding of a major business culture shift amongst a large global community of 11,000 associates.

SmartLab for Meetings and Workshops

Supplier ecosystem dashboard

SmartLab supported bringing together a global supplier ecosystem into one simple digital marketplace.

Interactive graphic for a global pharmaceutical company

SmartLab tools enabled the team to collaborate on tasks needed to develop a compelling visual digital story for the wider business.

SmartLab for Strategic Events and Labs

Global team accelerated Decision- Making

A leading change management consultancy wanted to align its global leadership team to achieve exponential growth.

Global Finance Decision – Making

SmartLab was used to co-create strategic solutions to bring the company’s vision to life and align strategically.

SmarLab for Conferences and Events

Strategic visioning event

SmartLab helped strategically align and engage 150 global leaders towards a shared vision and roadmap for the future.

Accelerating the shift to digital

The SmartLab platform has collaboratively shaped a solution designed to shift 120k people towards a more digital way of working.

Innovation Series

SmartLab is regularly used in supporting a global Think Tank and connecting a network of industry experts.