Experience Centers

Experience Centers

Experience Centers

Immersive virtual and hybrid experiences

Experience Centers are powerful online spaces for enabling your organization to learn and grow knowledge around topics such as wellbeing, onboarding, sustainability, data harvesting and digital awareness.

Experiences Centers are proven to supercharge organizations that want to engage their people around specific topics for strategic, pivot and learning purposes.

Read the case studies below to see where Ludic is using SmartLab to excel in providing Experience Centers work, learn and play with SmartLab.

“It exceeded my expectations, both on the interactive platform and in the openness. ”

SmartLab Participant

Introducing SmartLab Experience Centers

  • Wellbeing Experience Center
    Keep wellbeing at the heart of your organization during times of global disruption with experiences that focus on supporting your people.
  • Onboarding Experience Center
    Scale up onboarding with adaptive experiences for recruits at every level.
  • Sustainability Experience Center
    Enable your organization to identify current sustainability initiatives internally and across your product range, share knowledge and create new awareness for all.
  • Data Harvesting Experience Center
    Data harvesting is at the heart of new efforts in marketing, product support, engagement, comms and learning. Enable your organization to build on existing work and supercharge the knowledge required to make these shifts happen.
  • Digital Awareness Experience Center
    Bring existing knowledge around digital programme and product support into view and create communities of interest that reconfigure your organization’s people in new and powerful ways.

SmartLab brings personalized and shared experiences to life with a suite of multi-channel features –

Live Chat

Participants interact with each other in multiple simultaneous conversations and exercises.

Bespoke Environments

Create 360 and static environments that reflect your brand identity.

Adaptive-Personalized Journeys

Content is delivered to participants based on their interests and progress.

Global – Language and Timezones

Go global with localized experiences for every participant.


Experience Centers support a range of media formats to excite and engage the group.

Data-Driven Insights

The sessions create deep insights for analysis and visualisation.

API Integration

A one-stop platform with third-party app support.


Connect participants with similar interests.


A structured platform that supports self- and third-party facilitation via a network of facilitators.

Decision-Making Apps

Make better decisions faster with a suite of apps for ideating, analyzing and strategizing.

Content Libraries

Store your resources in one place for remote access wherever your people are.

Explore Experience Center case studies

Wellbeing Experience Center

Engage leaders across a global organization in the best practices of wellbeing—how to speak about wellbeing, talk to team members about wellbeing, and how to understand and analyze the signs of issues with wellbeing.

Sustainability Experience Center

Create an immersive virtual experience for a think tank of thirty-five world-leading experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in sustainability.

Digital Awareness Experience Center

Engage a 100,000 plus workforce of a global organization in a culture shift inspired by the opportunities presented by digital.