SmartLab for Conferences and Events

SmartLab for Conferences and Events

SmartLab for Conferences and Events

Immersive Online

SmartLab enables the design and delivery of powerful, facilitated, and immersive online conferences and events.

Combining video conference integration with state of the art collaboration tools, SmartLab delivers all of the elements of a powerful face to face events within an innovative online format.

Create sophisticated and engaging events. Provide a fully branded experience with interactive elements and seamless integration of Virtual Conference technologies.

“An amazing conference experience. It felt like we were there together. ”

SmartLab Participant

Create immersive visual environments

SmartLab Supercharges your Events

Rapid Event Design

Single Instance for Collaboration

Suite of Apps

Flexible Event Delivery

Documentation Tool

Connecting Experts


Content Libraries

Present, Interact, Collaborate


Score points to move up the leadersboard
and contribute to the community goal


Upload and share files, links and videos.


Chat with other participants and join in
group discussions to have your say.

Flexible data analysis

SmartLab provides reports on all aspects of your programmes. Export all data sets for further to use in your preferred tools.

Teams and Coaching

Complete activities with your teams and book time with coaches.

Real-time analytics

Assess the current state of engagement across all your programmes in one easy visual interface.

Explore Conference and Events
Case Studies

Strategic visioning event

SmartLab helped strategically align and engage 150 global leaders towards a shared vision and roadmap for the future.

Accelerating the shift to digital

The SmartLab platform has collaboratively shaped a solution designed to shift 120k people towards a more digital way of working.


SmartLab is regularly used in supporting a global Think Tank and connecting a network of industry experts.