Innovation Series

Innovation Series


Use a suite of digital tools to support and facilitate a global think tank that brings together hundreds of subject matter experts, policy makers and investors to canvass, identify, prioritise, problem solve and make decisions on the future trends for key technology and societal topics.


Using a suite of decisions apps, we digitally facilitated and delivered this bi-annual think tank event and provided an immersive experience that resulted in accelerated decision-making and powerful outputs. SmartLab’s structured process, expert facilitation and state of the art tools advanced the group’s work, accelerated idea development, and allowed for synthesisis and prioritisation, problem solving and decision making in a highly engaging and powerful way.

Participants used SmartLab to document the novel approaches to the topics, identify the areas that would have the greatest impact, develop improvement scenarios as well as document the resulting actions and opportunities for business leaders, policy makers, investors, and individuals. The innovative ideas generated were then assessed, prioritised and operationalised in the region.

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Innovation Series

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