Strategic Visioning Event

Strategic Visioning Event


There was an overall lack of clarity on the future vision and strategy, as well as on the different internal departments, responsibilities and activities. The challenge was to align strategically and engage 150 leaders from around the world in a major Financial Services organisation towards a shared vision, with the solution design, blueprint and roadmap for the next three years.

“Thanks for the opportunity to have my “voice” heard no matter where I am.”


Using SmartLab and its suite of Decision Apps, over a series of digitally enabled multi-day events, we collaborated with the leaders of the global organisation to create alignment on the current initiatives of each department, creating a deeper knowledge of state-of-the-art management practices, process modelling design and re-engineering, technology and detailed solution designs.

Throughout the digital event series powered by SmartLab, a group of motivated and engaged global leaders continued the work in their countries and teams with a clear vision and a path to achieving it. Further digital events were carried out locally and online to support the transformation, facilitated and delivered via SmartLab for Events.

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