Innovation Series - Strategy Implementation


Bi-annual online/digital event bringing together experts, policy makers and investors to canvass, identify, prioritize, problem solve and make decisions on the future trends for key technology and societal topics. Now in its 14th year.


Using the suite of decision apps, we sequenced a programme that enabled the team to collaborate on tasks to assemble all the required inputs, including subject matter ideas rated in importance and relevance, ideas for the visual direction, identification of workstreams and creating a roadmap for content delivery.

When members of the team were unavailable to attend virtual meetings, they were still able to use SmartLab to add thoughts, comments and suggestions on the relevant details.


The interactive graphic takes a highly complicated function and translates it into a simple metaphorical graphic with a huge amount of content available as you dive through the levels. Using SmartLab, each stakeholder was able to take charge of their input, and work with others to create a consistent visual story that has been received fantastically well across the wider business.


6 months

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