Explore how global organisations use the power of SmartLab to transform.

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Explore how global organisations use the power of SmartLab to transform.



SmartLab is designed to deliver strategic decision-making, engagement and learning programmes at scale.

We have specific solution expertise in the following programme areas.

Target Operating Model Design

SmartLab enables leadership teams to align strategically, co-create, make decisions, learn and engage in shaping their future strategies and target operating model. Whether teams are co-located or geographically dispersed, they can work in a fully facilitated digital environment supported by powerful Decision Apps.

Values and Behaviours

SmartLab provides proven methodologies for creating powerful shared organisational values, behaviours, and strategy, using a non-linear, multidisciplinary approach. It brings together knowledge and stakeholders in accelerated, powerful, collaboration sessions, both physically and online.

Global Shared Service Centre

Use SmartLab for leadership alignment, process design, transformation of business processes, implementation of new ways of working - to develop internal business partnering capabilities needed to consolidate business operations in an effective manner as you move into an SSC model.


SmartLab applies a multi-faceted approach to innovation, providing the right environment and tools to enable ideation, prototyping and creative thinking. It combines Design Thinking, an unrivalled innovation network and the latest technologies to engage people in harnessing organisational innovation.

Think Tank

SmartLab supports Think Tanks to address their most critical challenges by applying a structured process driven by leading event delivery services, collaboration technology and academic experts. SmartLab Decision Apps take participants through a facilitated decision-making journey, the outcome of which then informs and shapes Thought Leadership on the topic.

Strategy Implementation

Use SmartLab as the central digital hub to collaborate across time and distance, through agile processes, expert knowledge and digital tools that generate powerful outcomes and transform your strategies into a reality. SmartLab’s powerful tools and methods enable your teams to co-create clear and ambitious goals, bring the future into focus and build it together.

Digital Awareness

Use SmartLab to ensure your organisation has the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the digital era. Work is increasingly agile, flexible, virtual. SmartLab equips your teams and leaders with the skills they need to be part of the digital revolution and empower them to lead the way.

Leadership Development

Our principles for next generation learning provide Leaders with the skills and knowledge for new, agile, digital ways of working and build the capabilities required to becoming influential leaders for the future – driven by personalised learning journeys with transformative results, always in line with the organisation’s and individual’s strategic objectives and supported by the world’s most eminent faculty.

Talent Development

Nurturing and developing your high potential employees is critical in retaining their services and making best use of their talents. To help you foster the talent in your organisation, SmartLab drives facilitated talent development programmes that include a blended online Learning Experience, Peer to Peer Learning and One to One coaching.

Supplier Ecosystem

Use SmartLab to connect an ecosystem of experts and suppliers into a single digital place to streamline the network for an organization.

Digital Medicine

Connect experts in pharma to define what the future trends in the medical sector looks like, the implications of digital, opportunities and challenges and help shape the future, through a synthesis of expertise and ideas into a series of recommendations to be used for thought leadership, powered by the SmartLab Decision Apps.


Case studies

Creating an immersive and engaging digital learning programme that can be rolled out at scale, and that can be tailored to focus on an individual’s area of responsibility and interest.

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Create an immersive and engaging game to engage and build understanding of a major shift in business culture amongst a large global community of 11,000 associates.

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Bringing together the global leaders of a global Beverages company to design the strategy that creates their Finance Function of the future.

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