Global Business Partner Programme

Case Study
Global Business Partner Programme


Having recently established a Global Shared Service function to deliver a number of key elements of its corporate strategy, this client was looking for a way to deliver domain-specific content in areas such as procurement and HR alongside cross-functional business partnering skills in a collaborative, practical and virtual way.

Gold Award Winner

Best Blended Learning Programme

Learning Technologies Award 2016


We deployed an end to end global SmartLab Learning programme that delivered a multi-month learning experience. This included creating and implementing a predominantly online based programme that incorporated training, together with project work, case studies, workshops, self-learning, assignments, competitions and modules that reflected the desired learning modules.

The programme was supported by an engagement campaign, incorporated a social and active coaching/mentorship model and was configured in way that the client could administer and manage it “in-house,” making it lasting and repeatable.

The programme continues to deliver accelerated learning outcomes and high employee engagement scores.

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