SmartLab for Onboarding

SmartLab for Onboarding

SmartLab for Onboarding

Impactful Onboarding

SmartLab enables a personalised, information rich digital experience to onboard new employees that allows users to feel at home before they even set foot in the organisation.

Using 360º photography of real locations to create a best-in-class onboarding experience, participants work their way through different levels, exploring content via hotspots.

The platform also has an easy-to use interface that allows the onboarding administrators to quickly build new journeys and add new information.

“This experience
has been amazing.
I have been able to hit the ground running and have felt welcomed into the organization, even though I’ve not even been able to set foot on the campus.”

SmartLab onboarder

SmartLab enables a connected, step-by-step onboarding process for your global organisation


Supports multiple languages for a truly global experience.

Discussion Forums

Online discussions to further explore the content and share knowledge.

Community Engagement

Animation, nudging, gamification, amplifying pockets of excellence.

Learning Format

Self, team and group learning activities supported by experts.

Live Chat

Participants interact with each other in multiple simultaneous conversations and exercises.

Data-Driven Insights

The sessions create deep insights for analysis and visualisation.

Adaptive to Timezones

Automatically updates all elements of the system to each user’s timezone.

On-Demand Sessions

Participants book the session that suites them based on timezone and preference.

Explore Onboarding Case Studies

SnapShot: People engagement

Using SmartLab’s SnapShot application, global leaders of a multi-national beverages company came together to design the strategy that creates their finance function of the future.

Business Partner Challenge Cup

The Business Partner Challenge cup used SmartLab to create a scalable, immersive and tailored digital learning programme.

Online strategy game

SmartLab was used to create an immersive game to build understanding of a major business culture shift amongst a large global community of 11,000 associates.