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SmartLab for Sustainability

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Committing to a sustainable future

What is your organization doing to achieve its carbon ambitions? How can you ensure the day to day behaviors of your teams and their commitments flow together to meet sustainability goals?

There are vital promises and commitments that must be fulfilled if we are to succeed in securing global net zero by 2050 and preserving our planet for future generations.

SmartLab specializes in engagement, learning, and promoting strategic alignment with organizational commitments — and this is where the Sustainability Promise Dashboard can support you and your organization.

“The bridge where strategy meets delivery on our most important initiatives.”

SmartLab Programme Manager

Introducing the SmartLab Sustainability Promise Dashboard

The Sustainability Promise Dashboard is a powerful strategic promise management tool that allows commitments made at the C-suite level through to the operational level to be tracked and flow into one another across the entire enterprise.

The Sustainability Promise Dashboard allows you to–

  • Cascade promises at all levels
  • Identify stakeholder team
  • Track milestones
  • Send updates
  • Flexible reporting
  • Measure success, ROI and financials

The Sustainability Promise Dashboard works alongside other Ludic sustainability products–

  • Strategic Events
    Make better decisions faster with strategic events that take global teams through every stage of a sustainability programme from ideation through to delivery.
  • Learning Experience Centers
    Rapidly align your people in sustainabiltiy initiatives. Learning Experience Centers engage people in the work being done.
  • Commitment Tracking
    Track progress against commitments to identify barriers and pivot towards new solutions.

Live Chat

Participants interact with each other in multiple simultaneous conversations and exercises.

Bespoke Environments

Create 360 and static environments that reflect your brand identity.

Adaptive-Personalized Journeys

Content is delivered to participants based on their interests and progress.

Global – Language and Timezones

Go global with localized experiences for every participant.


Experience Centers support a range of media formats to excite and engage the group.

Data-Driven Insights

The sessions create deep insights for analysis and visualisation.

API Integration

A one-stop platform with third-party app support.


Connect participants with similar interests.


A structured platform that supports self- and third-party facilitation via a network of facilitators.

Decision-Making Apps

Make better decisions faster with a suite of apps for ideating, analyzing and strategizing.

Content Libraries

Store your resources in one place for remote access wherever your people are.

Explore SmartLab for Sustainability case studies

Sustainability Experience Center

Create an immersive virtual experience for a think tank of thirty-five world-leading experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in sustainability.

Sustainability Promise Dashboard

Align and engage 14,000 employees in a large multi-brand organization in working towards a sustainability common goal.