SmartLab for Transformation

SmartLab for Transformation

SmartLab for Transformation

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Provide personalised, state of the art people engagement approaches across your organisation.

Use SmartLab for

  • Aligning values and behaviors

  • Generating a culture shift

  • Game-Based Engagement

  • Smart Communication Campaigns

“It exceeded my expectations, both on the interactive platform and in the openness. ”

SmartLab Participant

SmartLab engages your people globally

SmartLab for Engagement incorporates multi-channels and multi-media features including:

Live Chat

Participants interact with each other in multiple simultaneous conversations and exercises.

Tailored Workshop Structure

Workshops designed to specification with an expert team.

Facilitated Experience

A friendly facilitation team guide the process and ensure a personal experience is achieved.

On-Demand Sessions

Participants book the session that suits them based on timezone and preferences.


SnapShot workshops support a range of media formats to excite and engage the group.

Data-Driven Insights

The sessions create deep insights for analysis and visualisation.

Event Interface

Clear workshop format with engaging interface designed to reach thousands.

Sequenced Exercises

Structured exercises that both share information and enable feedback and group problem-solving.

A SmartLab people engagement campaign
Shaping enterprise values and behaviours

Solution stages

  1. Create a facilitated SnapShot series that engaged over 5,000 people globally to define values and behaviours.
  2. Align with leadership/executive design events for top-down values development.
  3. Develop an integrated values campaign that focused on implementation of values.
  4. Values mobile app game devices for implementation.
  5. Video animation series for communication.
  6. Manage capability building in how to embed values into annual performance reviews.
  7. Values best practice expert series and activities for incorporating values into daily work.


Define and roll-out meaningful new global values and behaviours across all company divisions within six months, engaging thousands of employees across the globe for a leading pharmaceutical company.


We worked with thousands of employees around the world to create a set of values and behaviours that could define the company and guide its future. We created our process guided by the belief that the whole organisation should play a role in defining the values and behaviours, building them from the bottom-up, and promoting a shared understanding and wide engagement.

SmartLab Snapshot proccess for engagement facilitated idea generation as well as rapid decision-making and knowledge sharing. This platform guided participants towards a defined set of what would be the new values and behaviours that will lead the organisation. SnapShots enabled wide collaboration across the globe and through different timezones.

The global engagement series generated a huge amount of data, which was used for the definition and subsequent roll-out of the values. The overall solution was delivered in a series of stages.

Explore Transformation Case Studies

SnapShot: People engagement

Using SmartLab’s SnapShot application, global leaders of a multi-national beverages company came together to design the strategy that creates their finance function of the future.

Business Partner Challenge Cup

The Business Partner Challenge cup used SmartLab to create a scalable, immersive and tailored digital learning programme.

Online strategy game

SmartLab was used to create an immersive game to build understanding of a major business culture shift amongst a large global community of 11,000 associates.