Virtual events, real results: Creating a digital event space that is more effective than face-to-face

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, designing and delivering face-to-face strategic workshops and events can be hard. In addition to time and budget considerations there is an increasing onus on deploying more environmentally sustainable solutions. 

The coordination and expense required to organize such an event can often be counterproductive to achieving fast results, meaningful outputs and long-lasting transformation.

The rise of digital and digital humans, however, has unlocked new opportunities with many of the benefits of a live event now able to be mirrored and improved in a digital experience.

The benefits of shifting large scale events to digital are immense:

Efficiency. The logistics associated with physical events often limit an organization’s agility, with agendas and objectives having to be laid out in advance. Digital affords the freedom to react faster to market forces, allowing programme managers to modify components of a digital event on the fly and maintain a competitive edge.

Cost. Digital events minimize the expenses associated with physical events, significantly reducing the overheads associated with bringing your teams together.

Metrics. Data and analytics provide comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your initiatives and events, allowing programme managers access to completion and implementation metrics. 

Long-lasting, meaningful results. Digital events keep the experience alive, creating a culture where the spirit and work of an event can live on long after it’s ended.

Although the benefits are clear, making the shift to digital isn’t always easy. You need to vet the tools, make sure they work harmoniously in a shared ecosystem, and upskill your people—not just in how to use the tools, but in how to use the tools the way your organization uses them. 

This is why we’ve used our expertise in creating large-scale face-to-face events to develop SmartLab for Events.

SmartEvents are more powerful, more cost effective, and just as memorable as face-to-face events.

Whether you’re looking to create strategic alignment, organizational values and behaviours, process design, a future vision or a detailed system design, SmartEvents enable organisations to achieve their strategic objectives and connect their global teams across time and distance in virtual immersive events. 

SmartEvents can be fully digital or blended, with face-to-face elements and interactive virtual session, whether synchronous or asynchronous. SmartEvents provide personalised journeys for each participant, regardless of whether they’re working alone or collaborating with a team.

Above all, SmartEvents capitalize on the opportunities of digital to bring global teams together to work, learn, and play while reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

To learn more about how SmartEvents can bring your strategic objectives to life in a digital space, read more or request a demo today.