World Leading Think Tank FTF uses SmartLab SmartEvents for powerful digital collaboration, engagement and decision making – Madrid 28-30 May 2019

Ludic’s SmartLab continues to support the FTF (Future Trends Forum), voted one of the top Think Tanks globally in Science and Technology. SmartLab SmartEvents facilitates the live event delivery and provides a digital experience that results in accelerated decision-making and powerful outputs.

The world’s foremost thinkers and experts at the 32nd Future Trends Forum will be focused on Artificial Intelligence.

No trend is hotter than Artificial Intelligence. Wired founder Kevin Kelley has said “I’ve just seen the next 10,000 Silicon Valley business plans: they are all ‘AI for X’.” Spurred by recent successes based on new data sets and techniques, conversation about AI is everywhere, much of it imagining either technological utopia or grave risks to humanity.

The XXXII FTF will ask what will change as AI is developed and deployed, what the benefits and risks will be and how each aspect of life will be different in five to ten years.

Participant will be using SmartLab to define the likely path of AI Scenarios in the medium term, opportunities for business leaders, policy makes, investors, and individuals to take action based on the expected shifts.

Ludic’s SmartLab SmartEvents is an Event Platform used by the world’s leading organisations for decision making and alignment. SmartEvents is powered by a suite of Decision Apps that large groups use to solve problems and accelerate change.

The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation. Made up of more than 1400 experts, the FTF anticipates the future by detecting trends in innovation and analyzing their impact on our society and business models. Ludic has been supporting FTF since it was founded 16 years ago.

FTF Living with Artificial Intelligence will be held in Madrid, May 28th-30th 2019.

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